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Torsion Bars are easy to use, durable, no moving parts which could cause injury and grip strength is enhanced due to the diameter of the Torsion Bars.

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Grab your Torsion Bar, Stand with your feet shoulder width apart then squat down keeping the weight close to your body head and neck in a neutral position. The start position is in the lowered squat position with the TB mid shin height.

You then take a breathe in and as you breath out you swing the TB ensuring to engage your core to the above head height. On return down you will breathe in. This is where it gets tricky on the way down. You obviously don’t want to hit your shins so you need to have lots of control with the core and shoulders. Unlike a kettlebell swing that comes down fast, the TB Swing is brought down slowly on the eccentric phase. PLEASE WATCH YOUR SHINS.

Grab a Torsion Bar with an over hand pronated grip, standing up straight with feet in a split stance, shoulder  width apart and one in front of the other, TB resting on your thighs, this is your starting position.

Bicep curl the TB up to your shoulders, press the TB above the head, then keeping your elbows in close together and moving only your forearms lower the TB till it is behind the head.

You will then need to extend the triceps bringing the TB back above the head, then lower the TB back to the front of the shoulders then down to the start position being the thighs.

Try to get to the stage where there is no pause between movements and it turns into a continuous flow ensuring the form and posture remains perfect.

Repeat for recommended reps.

Choose your Torsion Bar and lay down on the ground with the TB central in your left hand extending from your thigh to above your shoulder. This is your starting position.

Place the right arm out from the body palm facing down, extend the TB toward the sky/roof  keeping your arm locked out the entire exercise and looking up to the TB this will help with balance and to keep your arm locked out.

Raise the Torso coming up onto the right elbow.

Extend the right arm coming up onto the hand.

Bring the left foot towards the torso bending the knee roughly 90 degrees.

Then raise the hips up off the ground.

Bring the right foot towards the torso then under the body so your forefoot is on the ground and so is your knee, the lower right leg will be at right angle to the left.

Then push off with your hand and straighten the right leg out so you are in the lowered lunge position still with your left hand and arm reaching for the sky/roof.

You will then simply stand up and you should have a slight lean to your body due to the reach and balance.

To return back to the start come back down the exact same way in reverse.

If you’re having trouble getting this cause it is quite difficult if you have never done a Turkish get up then try doing 3 steps at a time and restarting. Ensure each step is exaggerated which really helps to keep perfect form.

Repeat the same on the right side using the opposite sides during instructions.

Grasp the Torsion Bar from the floor and clean the TB with an overhand grip, lightly wider than shoulder width. Position TB on front of shoulders with elbows pointing slightly forward and torso tight. Position feet slightly wider than shoulder width, pointing outward slightly.

Descend until knees and hips are fully bent or until thighs are just past parallel to floor. Knees travel slightly outward in direction of toes. Raise body upward by extending knees and hips. Accelerate when nearing top of squat, drive the TB up off the shoulders, pull head back, and throw TB overhead by extending arms upward. Pull the head forward at lockout overhead. Immediately lower the TB by bending arms. As weight descends, bend legs, pull head back, and catch the TB in front of shoulders as knees are bending at approximately 90°. Repeat movement sequence in quick succession.

Start the Bear complex the same as doing a Thruster but instead of coming back down from the Torsion Bar over the head position, you will then place the bar onto your shoulders behind the neck and begin to conduct a back squat.

Upon coming back up from the back squat you will then bring the TB overhead fully extending the arms and placing the TB onto the front of the shoulders again. You will now lower the TB down the body keeping your torso up right.

Once the TB is lowered and arms are at full extension you will then bend the knees and lower the bar onto the ground.

Keeping your hands on top kick both feet back simultaneously and conduct a burpees. The finish position will be standing back up with the TB in hand.

Repeat for recommended amount of repetitions.

Position feet behind the Torsion Bar with very wide stance. Squat down with hips low and chest forward. With arms extended downward between legs, grasp the TB with narrow overhand grip .Lift and accelerate initial pull of the TB by extending hips and knees. As the TB passes knees, continue pulling the TB by raising arms and shoulders upward with elbows flexing out to sides. Continue pulling until body is upright and back and TB is raised to chin. Allow the TB to fall downward. As the TB falls past waist, squat down by flexing hips and knees. Arms extend straight as TB falls past knees. Return TB momentarily to floor so body is in original starting position. Immediately repeat movement.

Lie on an exercise mat with your legs extended and The Torsion Bar held directly above your head with a slight bend in your elbows. This will be your starting position.

Bend your knees and pull your upper thighs into your midsection as you breathe out. Continue the motion until your feet touch the TB. Contract your abs as you execute this movement and hold for a second at the top.  Return to the starting position as you inhale.

Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

What Our Customers Are Saying!

I Love these Torsion Bars – not only do they add variety to regular exercises, they make them more fun & challenging. On top of that I use Torsion Bars every day in my mobility exercises to help improve daily damage and tightness in my clients bodies – this improves their mobility + increases their Range of Motion in their exercises = Better, Faster Results!

Ariza Nel

Hi Kim, I received my bars yesterday and I could not be happier! Really nice finish on them. The possibilities are endless with these things and so portable instead of lugging sandbags around.

Ben Preece

My name is Brooke Bailey I am 15 years old, I am very Athletic and enjoy getting fit.

The Torsion bar is the piece of equipment that I believe can help achieve my physical goals, I have represented state cup at touch football aswell as oztag I have also played for Juinior tigers for oztag as well as NSW.

I highly recommend the Torsion Bar.

Brooke Bailey

Thank you Kim Ashton from Torsion Bars Australia! Was a pleasure to have worked with you and appreciate your ‘gift’ Bring it on!

Dahc Nite